It’s Jingle Ornaments!

JOIN and TAKE the first ArtNouveauPh challenge for this coming December, the month of celebrating the birthday of our beloved Jesus Christ and of course spending a Merry merry Christmas with our family and love ones.

December Theme Challenge:  JINGLE ORNAMENTS!

For every Filipinos, Christmas are not complete without busy preparing for their deliciously meals, buying new dress and gifts for their love ones, struggling for the crowded markets, and of course it is never completed without decorating our outdoor and indoor filled with colorful christmas decorations and those sparkling lights at night that attracts each people eyes. Christmas are the best holiday or moment ever for every Filipino. So since it’s Christmas, we wanted to challenge registered artists by making Christmas Decorations that we called JINGLE ORNAMENTS
Are you ready to take the Challenge101? Well, I guess you must. Not only because you will develop a new technique, and not only to create and to be recognized. There is two deep reasons to take the Challenge101; First, it is also a way by promoting your challenge design and  ArtNouveauPh will offer you to put your design in our showcase or the WebShop section, It is also your chance to sell your challenge design by promoting it publicly especially in Facebook page. And since many people are getting ready for the christmas season and their actively looking for a unique christmas decoration, this is our big chance to advertise our hand made jingle ornaments and to take and encourage people to buy or order a very extraordinary Christmas decorations.  And the Second reason are simply to spent our Christmas by showing or sharing our talents that God’s given to us, and this is the only way that we will give it back to him as a gift. 

CHALLENGE 101 Details: 

What is Ornament? 

  1. Adorn; beautify
  2. A thing used to adorn something but usually having no practical purpose, esp. a small object such as a figurine
  3. A quality or person adding grace, beauty, or honor to something
  4. Decoration added to embellish something, esp. a building
  5. Embellishments and decorations, such as trills or grace notes, added to a melody
  6. The accessories of worship, such as the altar, chalice, and sacred vessels

What Kind of Ornament? 

  1. A round, ball or circle shape
  2. Made out of polymer or air dr clay
  3. Can be added in any embellishments such as beads+paints+findings, etc.
  4. In any sizes; small, medium or much bigger
  5. In any different colors
  6. How many? Three (3) ornaments are enough but it is also good if you make more

Tips on making your Jingle Ornaments: If you want to make your ornament to have a light weight and not to spend too much clay; try to look or find a round ball styrofoam, I guess you can buy it at National Book store or other hobby shop.

When to be submitted or the Deadline?

  • Your final image photo will be submitted on November 18, Sunday (why Nov 18? so we can have more time to promote our handmade design)
  • You can only submit ONE photo, make sure all your handmade design are in one whole image only (like the example image below)
  • You must also submit a simple DESCRIPTION on how you made it or what materials did you use or maybe your thoughts or experiences while making it. Make your self speaks so it may inspired your self especially those who indeed adored your very own humble creations
  • Submit or Send it at make your mail SUBJECT > Jingle Ornaments

Tips on capturing or taking an image shot of your handmade creation: READ HERE

Reminder for the Participants: 

  1. All participants must be accountable to submit their final handmade design on the said deadline
  2. Participants must agree to all challenges rules and terms
  3. Once you sign up for the challenge, you are responsible to take and make your participation. So be responsible.
  4. ArtNouveauPh will offer you to sell it and we will promoting it by our webshop+facebook page
  5. ArtNouveauPh will not just help you to developed your skills and to promote your creations but also to challenge yourself and find out what’s your weakest and the strongest side and then don’t give up to harvest your skills, even it is strongest or the weakest one, the importance is you never fear or failed to tried your very best.

Here’s a sample of handmade christmas ornaments;


(this image sample are not owned by ArtNouveauPh)

GOOD LUCK ArtNouveauPh Artists!                                                                                      We are so excited to see your INIMITABLE HANDMADE CREATION of yours!


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