DIY: Recycled Tool Container

Since ArtNouveauPh blog are new, we wanted to filled it with full of tutorials. We are looking and working for more tutorials that we wanted to post.

We wanted to share the RECYCLED CONTAINER made out of drink bottle. So here’s the tutorial for recycled container for your stuff or materials you wanted to situated. This is inspired by Hush Potato and re-make by The Joyful Crafter with the polymer clay flower design.


  Recycled container by Hush Potato




This is the image or handmade recycled container by Hush Potato. To see the full tutorials or steps on making recycled tool container, visit Hush Potato blog Or click the Full Tutorial below.


Recycled container by The Joyful Crafter






And here’s the recycled container by The Joyful Crafter. Isn’t it beautiful? Of course it’s indeed beautiful. To read the full article by TJC see and click below.







So what are you waiting for make your own tool container.                                                                          It is always good to make a recycled thingy. 🙂


One thought on “DIY: Recycled Tool Container

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