About Us

Founded in October 2012, we are a group of Filipino handmade artists whose passion is to create unique projects using polymer or air dry clay with added craft materials such as beads+findings, etc.

We’ve put up this interactive handmade gallery with the following mission in mind:

Building a stronger community that will serves as their resources by sharing their works, craft experiences, same passion, group meetings and spend savior-faire.

Support handmade member artisans in honing their talents by conducting different monthly challenges where they can participate to develop their skills and to harvests high quality work.

❂ Providing a continuous education by posting tutorials and discussions to level up craftsmanship.

Promoting respect, accountability, camaraderie and trust at all times; by expressing admirations, achievements and esteem for each artist rights.

Encouraging member artisans to go beyond being ‘inspired’ and fire them up so unique handmade projects could spring from them which they can offer the market; and can strive to local or international level.

Accompanying in growing their mark as well as their business by becoming their venue to showcase and sell their handmade collections

As a member of the ArtNouveauPh you have a chance. This group brings you the opportunity not just to grow and develop your skills towards becoming a great artisan but to also grow your business by providing a venue to hone and showcase your works.

ArtNouveauPh is pleased with the chance to serve you — both theartists and the market; we are committed to work hard to promote business growth, our community stronger and the world better.

We would like to hear from you!
For questions, comments or feedback you may write to us by
sending us a mail via artnouveauph@gmail.com or
tweet us @artnouveauph

Visit ArtNouveauPh webshop for more details about the requirements for membership application.