A Spotted Tutorial on making CANE

We spotted Cane Tutorial through google browsing then we ended to Pinterest. Pinterest is an online pinboard where you can share and organize your photos and many people are using this by posting their DIY Tutorials. There’s a bunch of DIY & Crafts that you can find there.

And here’s what we’ve spotted; a beautiful cane tutorial by different Clay Enthusiast.

Butterfly wings – a beautiful cane made by Kalinkapolinka. This cane is a very helpful in making our handmade crafts such as making your jewelries or accessories or any design that you’ve wanted to make.

See the full tutorial on Kalinkapolinka sites.

FULL TUTORIAL                                                                                                                               



Flower cane – made by Andrea.z style. Her tutorial was written in Romanian but you can translate it when you are using Google browser. Try to make one. See her full  tutorials by clicking below.



 Abstract cane – or she called it the Behold cane made by Dora. It is indeed amazing cane by turning her clay into an abstract cane. I guess this is good on covering a glass or making frames. See her full tutorials below.




ENJOY making your own CANE. We welcome and accepting a photo results of your handmade cane. You may send it to artnouveauph@gmail.com Have fun!





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